Foxclone Downloads

FoxClone Download Page

Get the "foxclone40-02.iso" file (approx. 600MB)

The MD5sum is: b141caf1e5f9299554a4b7f2fa1520d0

Read or Download the Installation and Use Instructions

How To Install To A USB/CD

1. Download the iso file
2. a. If burning to a USB stick use the USB image writer that comes with your distribution.
    b. If burning to a CD, there are many Linux utilities, xfburn is one of the simplest. Install from your software manager/centre if not installed.

How To Boot The USB/CD

At the manufacturer’s splash screen, press the key to get into the boot menu. This key varies across PCs, as an example for a Lenovo Thinkpad it is F12. Consult your user manual to find out what the key is or google. Do not confuse the boot menu with the boot priority order settings in BIOS. The boot menu is a one time selection for the device to use to boot the PC. It overrides the normal boot priority order. The next time you boot, the PC will revert to the normal boot order. Virtually all BIOSs support this feature, they just do it differently.

Get the "foxclone40a_amd64.deb" file (approx. 7MB)


This .deb file is designed to be installed on a large USB drive, typically 1TB or greater, that already has an operating system installed and is intended as a backup drive.

For more information Click Here.

Get the "foxclone40-sources.tar.gz" Source file (approx. 6MB)

This contains the files used to build Foxclone itself. It is provided to meet the terms of the GNU General Public License.